my list of bumps

my list of bumps

please understand the new kidney is a marvellous joyful thrilling unbelievable gift. pray I am worthy of this gift.

please understand the new kidney is a marvellous joyful thrilling unbelievable gift.

On the flipside  I am building a list as we go along of the puzzling bumps  both my sister and I have encountered as we navigate through this new life. There is a whole range of things could’ve gone kind of funky and sideways. They’ve added a measured the way to our stress level and we’ve had to be very creative and try to work our way through all of these problems. Most of them ar very small.

what I’m trying to do is avoid hardened incorrect judgement and condemnation.

what I’m trying to do is avoid hardened incorrect judgement and condemnation.

We are trying very hard to get through a very difficult time.We’re doing pretty well.

If you step way back and look at this problem, healthcare. You stepped all the way back in time to about 25 years ago when some adolescent planner started to look at the deposit coming tsunami of the baby boomer generation is it aged became ill and again to exploit to their benefit massive new medical technology. It is simply a matter of sheer number  and weight of numbers. I hear a lot of these troubles are because of the gutless politicians who are afraid to actually raise taxes and encourage appropriate response to this number avalanche.  they fear is the fear of the polls. The problem is they’re not elected for a career. They are elected to make hard decisions to help the entire population of the young and the old and not just to consider their own self interest as in reelection. To really do the job  correctly and bravelyis extraordinarily difficult. I can’t even believe begin to understand how hard it is I just see hints of it.

Sunday drive to Coldwater, Ontario

DSC_8806 -1 DSC_8803 -1two shots I took with a Nikon d3100 w 18-55 Nikkor lens – I was out enjoying the autumn sunshine, lots of leaves down but still some colour left up on the trees….these are in Tay Township about 100 miles north of Toronto.

fog today

I like fog, don’t get enough of it hereabouts. Yesterday and today and I understand from the weather folk, two more days then

the thermometer going to drop big time.

We have had an odd November this year, snow (6 inches that stuck) in the first week, then cool, then warm and sunny for about three days, now rain and fog. I have positioned the snow shovels on the deck, the ice chipper on the deck. One last thing — I need to get my snow tires (on 4 rims) swapped for my nice weather tires (on rims) before the avalanche.

Yesterday in the evening the dog growled at the small snowman that the neighbours put out. They haven’t lit him up yet. But Shakey growled anyway. Reminded me of the growl and bark routine his late sister, Diamond, used to come up with when she would face those Halloween leaf garbage bags with the Jack ‘o Lantern faces. She did not like those at all. Hardly ever heard her bark. When she did let it out, it reminded me that she was 105 lbs of big golden dog-wolf, not to be messed with lightly. Miss her. Lost her in March. Shakey turns 8 in December, I think a hamburger cake is in order.

strange men with leaf blowers….

My surprise of the year was yesterday when I heard a symphony of leafblowers, not just my next door neighbour. I peered out and saw a crew attacking the million or so leaves on my lawns. This was a pleasant surprise.

A call about ten days earlier to the man who does some garden service stuff for us occasionally unearthed the news that his small business was 15 properties behind. There has been an unusually large number of rainy days this October. He was sorry to say that he didn’t think he was going to be able to help us out. It would depend on the weather and he could not guarantee that he would get to us. The forecast for the next week was rain or light showers on every day. He could only try and see what happened.

Watching the weather, we had resigned ourselves to letting most of the leaves sit until Spring, which is not the best option but is one we have had to make do with several times over the past 10 years.

Luckily the weather forecasters were wrong and the 15 properties dried out a bit and he and his crew caught up. And so with a couple of hours of roaring, the million leaves have gone. Poplar, maple, and oak. I look forward to watching the trees replenish in the Spring.