cardio rehab exercise start

This week I was assessed for exercise rehab following my open heart surgery.  Received some helpful notes and started two part routine: aerobic (walking) and muscle resurrection (hand weights).  This morning I used my walker to stroll quickly inside the house.  Fifteen minutes at a quick pace seemed like a small proof  of the Theory of Relativity. The cats were amused. I was a tiny bit winded and my recovery was easy and also quick.DSC04895DSC04897


Outside we received a few inches of snow with high winds during the night.  Georgian Bay is still rolling its waves. Today is bright sun shine and some -10 C.  A perfect Spring day. Laughing hysterically out loud.

Photos of our shore and the boathouse made with Sony Nex F3 and 18-55mm lens.

Snow Wallop April 15

image imageWoke to find elevator crash drop in temperature from 17 celsius to minus 5 celsius and several inches of snow. All those early Spring returning birds will have a hard day.  Temperature high tomorrow will be zero celsius.  Wednesday to climb to 5 above.  Photos from my kitchen door.  100 miles north of Toronto.

It has been an unusually fierce winter and it has dragged on into Spring.  There has been extra snow from the seasonal usual and a large number of very cold days.  Spring in Central Ontario is not much of a season, cold, rainy, grey days.  Lots of mud.  Summer bursts out like a sudden surprise. It is not a gradual improvement, instead it pops out and the hot weather descends.  All the green plants turn on their colours like some giant turning a light switch.


poem – The Storms This Winter

The Storms This Winter


DSC_9109The storms this winter make me afraid

Like I have never feared before.

It seems to be too much for me.

I have grown suddenly old.

Trudging across the tundra

that was my summer grass and my warm sunshine,

destroyed and determined to freeze me to death.

Control of car and control of feet and balance.

These are the questions that poke at me.

My fingers aching inside my gloves from the cold.

My nose hurting after a minute outside.

Wondering seriously if my circulation decline

Is going to net me actual frostbite, something

I thought was just for a Jack London short story.

I only see cars out, frosted exhaust plumes rising,

no people walking.

And one mad woman jogger at 6:25am on a morning

With -30 degrees Celsius to convince her lungs that fire

Was a relative state of sensation,

that black clothing with no reflector tape

Was the perfect chance to end it all

and get run over by an old man

Blinking through his mostly defrosted

attempt at a windshield.

Very late in life to become a killer, so he manages to slide past without

Felony consequence.

Then I see the night nurses walking fast to their cars.

At the hospital parking lot

When I arrive for dialysis

Having outpaced the snow ploughs

a couple of mornings per week.

Winter rolls slowly forward

like the trunk of a snowman

Accumulating weight and momentum,

thickening like slush turning

To frozen worry. The smallest attempts

become a full day’s load of effort.

sony nex f3 20131208 023e

getting out of ’13

yesterday was a dialysis morning, not my regular day, but a special switch for the two holiday weeks this year, and driving out of Penetang and into Midland on my way home I was afraid of an accident.  the snow was heavy and visibility got down to something crazy like 20 feet. So I pulled into a mall on Hwy 93 and had lunch and eyeballed the snowfall.

I managed to creep home safely along Hwy 12 to Victoria Harbour

perhaps the absolutely worst winter driving I have ever experienced for poor visibility….there was a black ice day in Toronto a long time ago, when I rented in the beaches and could not get up the hill and north to work, cars were sliding backwards helplessly into parked cars and other motorists…..that day I retreated and worked from home.

New Year's Day snow load 2

the kindness of nurses

Today in Penetang the snow fell for most of the afternoon. I was at dialysis, and around 4 pm about thirty minutes before I was done two of the nurses coated and booted up and went out and brushed off the cars of the four nurses and the cars of two of the patients who drove themselves. One of those was me. I thanked them profusely and cancelled the lumps of coal I had ordered for them. in thirty five minutes after they brushed my car, about another two inches had accumulated. Lots of snow in Penetang and Midland, not too bad here in Victoria Harbour.

The photo below I took of the car next to mine.

front of the hospital today
front of the hospital today

the s*** has arrived

found this outside my back door this morning, with a howling wind for spice.   Today will  be my first day with a bag for all weather use of my air cast on my ulcer wounded left ankle, should be interesting.

back door view - first snow of the winter of 2011-12 - William J. Gibson
back door view - first snow of the winter of 2011-12