Little Lake Park – Midland, Ontario, Canada

just under 2500 views on flickr and I have no idea why, nice enough landscape but I have a few of those, but this is the most viewed of them by a large margin

film camera fever

the bug is back and I am just about to spring into action all the way…..not sure why but the digicams are not tickling my fancy as completely as they once did.

I have a roll of HP5 started in my old Nikon F2 with a meterless head on it.   Took some portraits with my non-AI 85mm lens.

here it is with the non-functioning metered head:

The other possibility is likely going to be my Bessa R, rather than one of my old old rangefinders.  Although, two old German SLRs are crying to get out and work: a Contaflex and a Bessamatic.

I just have to get butt in gear and then soup the negas.  More on this soon…. I hope.

locked doors

when I go to dialysis three times a week I usually park around the back and enter via a side door and turn immediately into the clinic, not thsi morning.  The side doors were locked.  They let me in but warned me that they have been told to keep the doors lcoked. I asked if that was a fire exit  which I believe it is.  One door is crashbar but a second inner door is not.  This is related to H1N1 precautions.  The hospital network in Simcoe county announced that no visitors under 18 years would be allowed, visiting hours strictly ennforced to 2-8pm and only one visitor per patient at a time.  All H1N1 related.