bluetyger issue 39 April 2008


Lara Stokes – Annette and the Dreams
Lara Stokes – Looking for the Real Denny
William J. Gibson – The Lights On Eastern Avenue
William J. Gibson – February 1992 at the Cottage
William J. Gibson – Walls
William J. Gibson – After the Weddmg


Johannes Toll – Haven
Johannes Toll – Refuge
Johannes Toll – Past

Hillsdale Hotel – old Ontario stage coach inn

from early 1800s on the old Penetanguishene Road, an early stage coach inn – not obvious from this view is a back portion that makes for a “T” shape of the building – surprisingly the roof line is dead straight, surprising in that there is much deterioration.

Poem – I Just Noticed This

it was so quiet I could

hear my feet falling asleep

in my boots


my teeth clean for my tongue and my hair

brushed for no one to see

the dog walked without


meeting the Spring mating skunks — I was

run out of steam reading my new history book — all day

it had been sunny but the air never warmed over


the freezing mark to make the snow

bank mountains dwindle — the cats were running

up and down the halls like the Indianopolis 500 time


trials — all my scribbling done for the weekend — the car

refuelled to finish my Sunday afternoon

then laundry done and the dirty dishes scoured the week’s


grocery shopping list complete in every way ready to go to

the store on Monday night — all ready for my

prayers — it would have been a perfect moment to hug you