Bob Schieffer’s book

Just finished reading “This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You On TV” by CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer (published in 2003). What a great book. He explains a lot about American news television reporting and its evolution and a lot about American politics. Read this book and learn and laugh and appreciate a hard working reporter.

He explains things like the technical struggle pre-video tape and electronic linkage that we take for granted today in the 24 hour news world.  I wished he had written more about his time in Buenos Aires covering the Falklands War. What he does share suprised me and gave me a new if somewhat surreal view of that war.

His chapter on the coverage of the 9/11 attack is very moving.

I confess I stayed up last night and raced to the end, could not put down the book, such a well-written piece of work. Actually as you read it you just accelerate to run with the story, and begin to take the writing for granted, which I imagine would please Schieffer.

The last full day of winter

tomorrow is the last full day of winter…..

Just came in from walking the dog before bed time. We surprised two cottontail rabbits in the back yard come to find and eat some sunflower seeds on the refrozen snow under the bird feeder. Squirrels knock down the seed. Late afternoon I spotted a cardinal back for a feed. Hadn’t seen one in two weeks. Or maybe I just failed to look out at the right time. The forecast tomorrow is for snow in the morning (2-4 centimetres) turning to rain in the afternoon.

When I went out with the dog this morning it was -8 Celsius and a cold north wind blowing. Throughout the day I could hear snowmobiles snarling along out on the bay. Nearly the last runs for this winter. They won’t stop for the official first day of the new season.

The snow banks all have the burned back look of late winter. All have a coating of dust and grime, a long way from snow white. The snow drift in the back yard seems to have melted down by a foot and a half, with a foot and a half left. A tiny bit of ice in the eavestroughs. Getting the roof shovelled off was a wise move. Next winter we will have a new roof and it may be steel. If it is we should have no snow and ice build up at all.

I am trying to remember what it felt like in the first week of August when we got our daytime high temperature up to 98 F. Seems like 7 years ago, not 7 months.

ttv Yashica D view snow on deck thru kitchen door

TTV is the abbreviation of Through the Viewfinder

A group on flickr specializes in using one camera to take a photo through the viewfinder of another. Twin Lens Reflex cameras do this quite well.

pup on snow, Diamond dog, gone but remembered

pup on snow

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Lost her suddenly a year ago on March 2nd from a tumour on her spleen which grew and haemmoraghed suddenly and she died within forty minutes. She likely was gone as I drove to the vets, her head cradled in my sister’s lap in the back seat of the car. She was nine years and three months old. She was my first dog. Never had a dog as a kid. She was special, sweeter than sugar. Loved people. Big but gentle. I have lots of photos of her. Lots of funny, small memories of her.

Here she is in her first year in Toronto at Wanless Park.