a little list of the local wildlife

Yesterday morning early, saw a lone trumpeter swan come around the point and splashdown. Early evening I spotted a mink skittering along the shore groins two cottages over and then swim out to a medium sized rock. Nothing looks else looks like tha slim darting mink body. A couple of mornings a skunk has managed to defeat our garbage storage security system, sigh. Saw my winter buddy, the little red squirrel doing some magnificent stunt work in the trees in the backyard. Black squirrels have been around all year. Thirty years ago we might have done better not to plant an oak in the middle of the front lawn patch. Last week saw a red hawk float by overhead at the shoreline. Turkey vultures and gulls, no raccoons or porcupines. Althought I am sure Ralph and Rhonda are about, I just havent laid eyes on them. Spotted a good sized crayfish swimming away from my sneakered feet when I went wading in the bay two days ago. Heard the pileated woodpecker doing his woodworking. Crickets are singing their hearts out this past week. The maple tree in the back yard, a perennial early leaf dropper, dropped a bunch of leaves this week on the driveway. With the cold overnight temperatures (45 F), it feels like summer is about to slip away.

Five wild kittens live here at least until late September. I have given them all names, probably not a smart move. It will be wrenching to give them to the OSPCA for adoption.

marten alert (turns out not marten, but fisher alert) cats at risk

according to a local fellow who is a fine woodsman, my cat might want to stay indoors this summer…..apparently the area has some new residents, martens, and they are eating the local feline population as a snack food. I am going to do a little reading up and see what might be making martens head south. One notion is that with reduced trapping there are more martens around and they are simply expanding their range. I can't wait to hear the complaints from my old cat when he launches into his cries of complaint when the door does not get opened per his demands for exit.

I had a follow-up chat about this and it turns out a number of other cats have been disappearing and some ducks that a neighbour had been raising. One citizen came face to face with the cat eating problem, not a marten, but a fisher, who when confronted, does a rather impressive amount of hissing. the game plan is to get some traps, catch them, move them north and let them go.

monster-sized? log cabin

new scale "cottage" being built on my beach road
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new scale "cottage" being built on my beach road – seems to me to be over-sized for the width of the lot, it comes to within four feet of the property lines and is the largest building on the beach by a good margin…a tribute to the architect's sales pitch I guess.

old time cottage – 1920s era

old time cottage – 1920s era
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another surviving old timer…the closed window flaps show that is has not been opened for the 2006 summer season, but with Victoria Day long weekend coming this weekend, it will probably get opened up, the flaps raised, the cottage aired out, and the grass and weeds mowed. Unless it rains, in which case the owners may wait another week.

pure simplicity, function following form – old time cottage (1920s vintage)

pure simplicity, function following form – old time cottage (1920s vintage)
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this old cottage is one of the originals left on my beach road….they are being replaced by large, retirement homes….the overall "atmosphere" has taken a sharp change in the last three to five years…not sure if it is for the better.