early winter photos – Tay Township

taken by me today using a Sony NEX F3 with 18-55 lens

100 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just south of Georgian Bay, the Sturgeon River

It is interesting to keep returning to the same spots through the four seasons.  Today I noticed that with all the foliage down, I could now see from a slightly different position a view of the Sturgeon River, little more than creek sized, that during the full grown season was invisible.  This section of the river was the water supply for a 17th century Huron village. A haunting spot.

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Dialysis run

Smooth run today.  Sloppy drive in this morning, with rain and a lot of moisture flying around from passing cars and trucks.  Temp was just above freezing.  I was out of there by 1150am.

I read from my IBook file of Tracy Kidder‘s My Detachment, his Viet Nam service.  I first encountered one of his books a long time ago, Soul of a New Machine, about the development of an early mini-computer.  He is a great American writer or non-fiction.

Back for more dialysis tomorrow at 1215pm until 1630pm.

Friday morning dialysis from 715am to 1145am.

Then in the afternoon from 4-7 pm on Friday, the retirement party for Jamie Hunter after 29 years at the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario.

Two video clips interviewing Jamie Hunter on his early interest in history and his first day at the Huronia Museum:

Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter



amateur videographer Bill Gibson, Huronia Museum volunteer

Sorry the one clip has poor audio level, still not quite sure why.  Still interesting to hear Hunter talk about his burning interest as a kid in local history.  Glad he was able to work his whole life within his passionate interest.


Huronia Museum (Photo credit: Canucklibrarian)


ice floating in the waters of Georgian Bay at Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada


Federal Dock at Albert Street

Victoria Harbour in Tay Township in Ontario, Canada, on Georgian Bay, east end of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes. About 100 miles due. North of Toronto.

Earlier in December this year the bay had begun to ice over almost completely but then the daytime temperature rose above freezing and the ice changed state back. Colder temperatures returned since this shot and the ba y is iced with a thin solid cover as of Dec. 29th.




if you click the image you will jump to my flickr account and will find in the Tugfest set several more shots taken at Tugfest 2013 this morning in Midland, Ontario, Canada. Nikon DSLR D3100 mostly with the 18-55mm lens.

2 chairs contemplate the COLDWATER RIVER

If there is a more peaceful village than Coldwater, Ontario, I would be surprised. The Coldwater River flows through town and north to Georgian Bay. This spot is very very close to the “downtown core” of the village. I took this shot standing on an old Bailey Bridge section. Some wonderful large. old wood and brick homes along this part of the river.

In September, Coldwater has one of the best fall fairs in central Ontario.  Just across Hwy 12 at the south end of the village is the Coldwater Canadiana Museum, small but delightful.

Equipment – SONY NEX F3 with lens adapter to mount Contax/Yashica mount Tokina mf 28-70 zoom lens f3.5, shot at f11. Modified image using Corel Paint Shop Pro x5.

Old Mill on the river at Fergus, Ontario

English: Photo of an E5700.
English: Photo of an E5700. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Old Mill on the river at Fergus, Ontario by gnawledge wurker
Old Mill on the river at Fergus, Ontario, a photo by gnawledge wurker on Flickr.

river runs through the heart of this old Ontario water powered mill town, taken September 2003 with a Nikon Coolpix E5700

a river runs through Fergus

perfect place to drive to for a photographic treat, a beautiful river walk in the centre of Fergus, an old mill town in southern Ontario.

September 2003 – Nikon Coolpix 5700