ice floating in the waters of Georgian Bay at Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada


Federal Dock at Albert Street

Victoria Harbour in Tay Township in Ontario, Canada, on Georgian Bay, east end of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes. About 100 miles due. North of Toronto.

Earlier in December this year the bay had begun to ice over almost completely but then the daytime temperature rose above freezing and the ice changed state back. Colder temperatures returned since this shot and the ba y is iced with a thin solid cover as of Dec. 29th.



Greek flag flies over Ontario Greek Orthodox Church (Leica IIIf)

Just North of Barrie, Ontario

Leica IIIFwith 5 cm f3.5 Elmar collapsible lens, incident light meter reading

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William J. Gibson at St. Michael’s College at U of Toronto student darkroom 1977

Semi-sweet bird of youth mid 1970s. This darkroom was in the basement of an old, large converted family residence, used as a men’s residence. It is where Peter Mohan kindly taught me how to develop film and develop enlargements. This was where i experienced the Theory of Relativity for the first time. When you are playing in a darkroom, can’t call it work, you believe you have been there for a couple of hours but when you check your watch it turns out that two was really six hours. Totally absorbing, relaxed concentration.