new flickr pool – Historic Huronia

Today I set up a photo pool on flickr: Historic Huronia pool. Purpose is to hold photos on the history of the Huronia area, historic places, buildings, and events. Huronia is most of Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada…..the home of the Huron (or Wendat) native peoples and was a major area of contact between first peoples and the French in the 1600s. The reconstructed fortified French mission of Ste. Marie among the Hurons is located just east of Midland, Ontario.

You can find it about 100 miles north of Toronto and has the towns of Midland, Penetang, and Tay and Tiny Townships… it also extends a little further south towards Barrie. Samuel Champlain may have first entered the area over at Orillia. Nowadays it is cottage country, farming country and some light industry. Another major historic site is Discovery Harbour, a 19th century British Army and Navy post with reconstructed buildings.

another blog – for the Huronia Museum

Helping to supplement the Huronia Museum communications/participation I set up a blog: Huronia Museum Blog. Huronia Museum (HM) in Midland, Ontario, Canada consists of the museum building (housing collections & art gallery) & the Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) village (palisade & longhouse), is open year round & has nearly one million objects. HM receives some 20,000 visitors each year. The collections hold artifacts of native history & maritime history. HM provides educational programmes for schools & adults. Established in 1947.

Abraham Lincoln – drawing

Abraham Lincoln

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looking through my drawing images

from 2001 after I had completed my course and stopped drawing for awhile

there are lots of problems with this final result – I rushed it

patience is not my strong suit

Sir Winston Churchill – drawing

Sir Winston Churchill

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I drew this basing it from a small strongly backlit photograph in a paperback biography of Churchill.

He is one of my heroes. Without him the twentieth century would have been the triumph of Nazism.

not a very good drawing but catches a little of his face and look.

about 4″ x 4″