imageThe wheel chair ramp with snow and ice on Good Friday

Today: sunny afternoon and +6 Celsius and much melting

most snow melted from driveway so I rolled down the ramp over the snow to bare concrete and up to the road continuing along to the row of outside green mailboxes

on the way back I ignored the ramp and tried the stairs up to the back deck

dragged the walker halfwAy up, my sis steadied it and I went to climb up

my right leg was weaker than I expected but I managed

it was the first time I have I have tried steps since my surgery, there has been no burning need — a good start to increased exercise



Stress Test

On Monday followup w my cardiologist, Dr. Chong. A couple of tests including treadmill stress test. I passed them all. The echocardiogram. And stress test are two of six tests I must pass to re-ready myself for transplant of a kidney. I am on the top of the transplant list for cadaverous kidneys. The idea is to be ready and stronger for transplant around July.

I feel very happy with these results so far. I am cleared for exercise and will start cardio rehab out of Orillia’s Hospital soon.