online friend has passed away

one of the photographers whose work I found on flickr and admired has passed away….Gunnar Hovgard was 55 years of age lived in Denmark and used the nomme de web of Saul Panzer ( a character from the detective series by Rex Stout about the great detective Nero Wolfe)….. his strength in my opinion was the clarity of his vision of the world and the people in it expressed best in his black and white photography…..I will greatly miss seeing that vision

on flickr


birds of prey

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre near Midland, Ontario, has a birds of prey show every Sunday at 1:00 PM, at which you will likely see a barn owl, great horned owl, red tailed hawk, Harris hawk, snowy owl, and a turkey vulture.  the bird man, Matt, flies the birds over the crowd. Today the show was indoors due to iffy weather. Flying took place, I know because the turkey vulture knocked me lightly on the head with his wing.  The highlight of a superb and educational show is when the very tame Harris hawk is flown to and from the gloved arms of members of the audience. Today the youngest brave soul was about 7 years of age.


Last night for the first time we put Grace in her crate for the entire night with one pit stop at 3:30 am and allwent well.  I had run out of steam and spent much of yesterday sacked out trying to retire some sleep debt.  In a few moments I am off as usual for one of my three weekly dialysis sessions.  Later this week is surgery for a new access site in my left forearm.

Reading John Harris’ Harkaway’s Sixth Column, WWII historical  novel set in Somalia.  I have read two others of his works, curious entertaining novels about the side show areas of WWII. This one published in 1983.

communication is a four lane highway

many years ago my enemy the principal of my high school used to use the PA system and address us in our classrooms and had a particular phrase, communication is a two way street, when in reality he meant communication is me telling you what to do and you doing it if you know what is smart for you.  I remember one of my classmates, Brian Ashton, a witty, sharp guy and good hockey player, imitating the principal’s tone of voice and changing the phrase, communication is a four lane highway.

better bed time

switched roles with my sis who slept near the pup, Grace, and so I got a decent night’s sleep which I really needed.  I noticed Grace ignored the thunderstorm noise yesterday.  Of our other two goldens, one hated thunder, the other igored it. we take Grace into the vet today for a first checkup