Granny White’s Road creek view

this is a little south of Hyw 12 near Victoria Harbour, Ontario and runs alongside the archaeological site of the 17th century Huron-Wendat village of St. Louis which was attacked in a large battle in 1649. Ste. Marie Among the Hurons is about 6

kilometres west.

Two photos of the St. Louis historic plaque

apparently there is some doubt about the designation of this village site as St. Louis.  There was a three day battle with the Iroquois carrying and using many matchlock firearms given to them by the English colonies, yet no musket balls have been found during excavation of the site.


Sunday turned into a techno frenzy of discovery and rediscovery. First of all I tried for the first time to use my wireless home network to see if I could see files on my desktop from my laptop and that worked fine. They are both Vista machines. The little red riding hood Acer netbook runs Windows XP and that did not work out so well. I may try that again. I am not sure if really need this home network. I have been moving files and photos from the laptop to the desktop using a flash drive when I need to print. My printer is not wireless and is connected to the desktop.

Second attempt was to get back to downloading my video taken with my Sony ZR50 HC camcorder. This was more sweat. I had used this in the past and connected it to my iBool. But the iBook is now almost ten years old and not the fasted kid on my block. I dug out the manual and went through my badly organized software disks and failed to find the software disk that came with the ZR50. I did find the manual and found that I had completely forgotten thelocation of the cover on the front bottom of the camera where the firewire connection lay hiding. I found my firewire cable. Hooked camcorder to desktop and voila. I was able to import video.

I may glow all week from this technological triumphant day.

Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, First Light

First Light is a winter night time festival where thousands of candles are set out along the paths and inside the buildings of Ste. Marie Among the Hurons which is a reconstructed fortified French Mission to the Huron/Wendat Nation built in the 1640s near Midland, Ontario, Canada

time machine photo – Emma littlest of the five wild kittens

this was four and a half years ago, I refer to her still not as the runt of the litter but as the tiny perfect precious one, she purrs when I do that

author G.E.M Munro – I bought his book

South Asian Adventures with the Active Poor by G.E.M. Munro.

His book is a series of stories based on his experiences doing charitable work in SE Asia. The program works to teach lowest level neighbourhood mothers to be neighbourhood teachers to help educate the children and adults who are in the worst slums.

Chapters store south of Barrie, Ontario

dragon, small – warming on the stove

this little guy was a toy of my late and missed golden retriever, Shakespeare. he was very gentle with all his toys.some lasting for years.

we tried giving Shakey’s toys to Grace but she is a toy terminator so they are piled up in the utility room – not sure what to do with them.

The USA and Palin

For many years I have watched from a distance American politics.  The distance seems insubstantial these days. I am worried.  I was deeply surprised and disappointed when the US electorate voted George Bush back into office for a second term.  I know the Supreme Court stole the election but really that Democratic guy should have won in a landslide.  Have Republicans lost their sense of reality.  Do they see only what they want to see.  Do they see the world through Fox News.  I don’t actually get to talk with Republicans.  I dont see how I can manage that.  But I am alarmed that Palin is considered a possible candidate for President.  The impression in the media of her, whether that is fair or not is a debatable point, gives Georg W Bush mountains of gravitas in comparison.  I would put a joke in here about the de-evolution of Republican Presidential candidates until I reflect there was John McCain running for them against Obama. Not that Republicans love McCain.  But I do respect him and during that election I would have found it difficult to ignore his experience.  For me he was a strong, legitimate candidate with a mountain range of gravitas.

So Sarah in 2014, I have decided to take my first impression and chuck it.  I will get some oil and a crowbar and pry open my mind.  I will make a solid effort to look carefully at her, what she does, what she says, her policies, her campaign tactics and try to get out of kneejerk mode.    I have a couple of years for this study.

I guess I will start by watching her Alaska TV show.