the world

edDSC_4762The world is a blend of beauty and horror. paradise with a savage twist. The horror has two parts. Nature adds earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis and forest fires. The rest is the gift of mankind. The challenge of life is to face this two-faced Garden of Eden.

successful kidney transplant feedback on social media

On September 13 2016 I received a donor kidney and it is wolrking well.   Flickr, 12 year user and active Facebook, longtime active user Instagram, recent joiner active posting curren T and ol…

Source: successful kidney transplant feedback on social media


successful kidney transplant 13 days ago


bumps primarily is my legs are still recovering post surgery


getting me vertcal is tough

I am 6 foot 2 inches and weigh 230 lbs

each day is better and I get stronger.

It is a great gift. I pray I deserve it.

smoothing and settling

tough day yesterday but thru we got. Today I feel stronger by the hour. All the new wrinkles, daily domestic stuff all smoothing into easier routine. Ten days since kidney transplant.


What I have learned is how well we had smoothed ou the life of dialysis. Very very smooth.

bladder retraining

with kidney failure your first goal, a constant fight, is to lower your amount of fluid intake. In the two weeks before the call for transplant my daily fluid intake netted me zero urine production, down from a very modest urine output. In hospital a catheter was inserted for about five days. My new kidney began working immediately upon completion of surgery. The retraining of the bladder is simply teaching a dry stiff nonflexible bladder to recall the sensation of a fully urine loaded bla dder. In a short time bladder control should be reestablished. Not painful especially just odd sensation, back pressure esp. with the cathethter was peculiar.  An essential urine check is creatinin level, on dialysis mine was up to 1200′ then more like 700-800, now down to about 170. Not every kidney works so well after transplant but mine has, I am fortunate. other transplants take a little more time to ramp up production, almost all do.