The Summer reading experience shazam

I have been enormously enjoying the clever thrillers of Nelson De Mille this summer.  I had seen the movie version of The General’s Daughter with John Travolta and Madeline Stowe.  I have read Up Country, The Gate House, Night Fall, and The Lion’s Game.  When you read De Mille’s acknowledgements pages you begin to understand how much research this man does and how all the research details get filtered into his writing for a thoroughly satisfying story.   Tomorrow back to the library to reload.

Most boring novel I ever read

I am afraid to report that W.E.B. Griffin’s The Shooters is the most boring novel I have ever attempted to read. I am sad to report this since I have read and reread a number of books by Griffin, including most of the Brotherhood of Arms series and the Marine Corps series. He has given me many hours of entertainment. This one however stinks. The most illuminating fact offered in it is the historical speculation that Adolph Hitler lost a testicle to the teeth of a large breed of dog called a Bouvier de flandres.  And Hitler did his best to have the breed eliminated from the planet. Max, a bouvier, plays a supporting role in The Shooters.  Nice dog.

Pete Dexter’s novel, The Paper Boy, 1995

I stayed up last night all night to finish reading Pete Dexter’s fine novel, The Paper Boy. Set in Florida it is an exceptional study of characters turning out the only way they can. The story is backdropped against the correction of a miscarriage of justice, a small town newspaper family, poor white folk living in Florida swamps, and the mechanics and ethics of investigative journalism. But mostly it is a clear view of a handful of fascinating characters. I will never eat vanilla ice cream again without thinking of the Van Wetters. HIghly recommended. The third of Dexter’s novels that I have read, Deadwood and Paris Trout, are also fine books.