a little time travel

Friday night I was in toronto for a college reunion, not my year’s special recognition but still much fun.  Special thanks to Connie Reeve, Bill Dunphy, Denis Stokes, Sean Brady, and Fred Butzen.  And a tip of the hat to Professor Gino Matteo, my teacher for Shakespeare and a film studies course.  Stayed overnight in New College at a residence, inexpensive and serviceable room.  Had a bite to eat at at Hart House in the Arbour Room.  It felt like it was just last week that I was in class.

Dunphy, Stokes and the Reeve register for the reunion

ghostly view of Brennan Hall, the faculty-student centre at St. Michael’s college at the University of Toronto

Saturday caper

A few wrinkles in the dialysis run today: poor pump speed prompted flushing the lines and when that made for no joy a second move.  The nurse put TDA in my line or lines, not sure if she had to do both.  This meant I was off line for an hour as it did its magic.  Then back on with very good pump speed.  My time got pushed  almost a full hour later than usual, which posed no major problem for the rest of my day. One last wrinkle was a left thigh cramp that kicked in with about 20 minutes to go that was accompanied by a little light-headedness when I stood to try and ease the cramp being careful not to yank out my lines.  Other than that it was on ok run.

not so frying friday

Cold weather blew in overnight. I got out this morning with the dog in time for the start of the rain which has not lasted. But the clouds are hanging around and the temperature is going to climb all the way to just 12 C.  Brrrrrrr my blood has thinned out after running like molasses for the long winter.

long hot thursday

dialysis in the morning was ok and a brief stint at the library and then down to Barrie for an appointment to see a surgeion about th fistula going into my arm, got there 30 minutes early, big mistake, it took 90 minutes to see him, waiting in a very hot waiting room and then 90 seconds with the surgeon, makes one wonder how much he billed for that, but it could have been worse, some people waiting in the stifling waiting room had been there over 2.5 hours. not good but I was moderately quicker

NCIS what the heck

I watched the finale of the season for NCIS and was alarmed at the conclusion which had two shocks: Ziva David remained in Israel and Gibbs somehow had removed the wooden boat from his basement.  Both will leave me with an unsettled feeling through the summer wait for the return of my favourite show.

free stuff of the soft kind

making up a list of free software to recommend to other people:

  • Open Office.org – equivalent to MS Office suite
  • flickr – photo sharing
  • picassa – photo organizing and editing

that is all for now, I am still kicking over internet rocks looking for more useful stuff