old cameras

Time to take a look at some of my old camera collection.


Nikon Nikkormat FTN
Nikon Nikkormat FTN


Nikkormat SLRs were simpler, more affordable alternatives to Nikon’s professional level Nikon F and F2 SLRs. The Nikkormat FTn was manufactured from 1967 to 1975. 

Argus C3
Argus C3

The Argus C3 was a low-priced rangefinder camera mass-produced from 1939 to 1966 by Argus in Ann ArborMichiganUSA. The camera sold about 2 million units, making it one of the most popular cameras in history. Due to its shape, size, and weight, it is commonly referred to as “The Brick” by photographers (in Japan its nickname translates as “The Lunchbox“). The most famous 20th-century photographer who used it wasTony Vaccaro, who employed this model during World War II.

Cosina Voigtlander T101 with 35mm f2.5 Classic lens
Cosina Voigtlander T101 with 35mm f2.5 Classic lens


The first model was the Bessa L, introduced in 1999. This was a finderless body with a Leica screw mount. It was introduced with a range of Voigtländer 39mm screw lenses that were quite inexpensive and said to be of excellent quality. It could of course mount all the wide variety of 39mm screw lenses by manufacturers as diverse as LeicaCanonNikon and even cheaper but often excellent Soviet lenses.


The Bessa L was mostly intended to be used with ultra wide angle lenses, with which the absence of a focusing device is not a problem. Most notably Voigtländer introduced a 15mm and a 12mm lens, the latter being the widest rectilinear lens ever marketed.


The Bessa L has TTL metering with LED readout on the back edge of the top plate with an ASA range of 25–1600 and an EV range 1 to 19 at ASA 100. The readout consists of two red arrows pointing to a green light in between that enables use of the camera as, effectively, a shutter priority, aperture priority, or totally manual camera.


On some markets, the Voigtländer Bessa L was sold as the Cosina SW-107.


The Bessa L was supplemented in 2001 by the Bessa T, which used the Leica M-mount, could receive a trigger advance design, and had an integrated rangefinder with high magnification, but no viewfinder. It was sold in silver or black; from 2002, also in gray or olive (at a higher price and perhaps only in Japan). It is now discontinued but some stock is still available.

 In 2001, the Bessa T was sold in a special kit, called 101st Anniversary (in short “T101”), with a 50mm f:3.5 collapsible Heliar lens, for the anniversary of the Voigtländer Heliar lens design. It existed in black, grey, olive and blue: five hundred numbered examples were produced for each color.


finding old TV shows on Youtube

Recently I have stumbled across full episodes of old TV series on youtube.  I began with Combat, the World War II series with Vic Morrow and Rick Jason.

More recently I have found Richard Boone’s Have Gun Will Travel, perhaps my favourite western series (1957-63) (one totally hilarious show plot involved the rivalry between two small towns’ baseball teams and Boone’s character thought to be the only impartial man around because he was a non-resident of either burg was forced into being umpire),

The Wild, Wild West with Robert Conrad (1965-69) – concept was James Bond on horseback,

Reilly Ace of Spies with Sam Neil (1983 miniseries).

It is a treat to watch these full episodes.  One startling feature with Combat and The Wild Wild West, both series began with black and white film and later switched to colour as colour television sets became popular and families bought them for home use.

Combat had a terrific set of guest stars.  Guest stars appeared as squad members, French citizens or German soldiers. In the first season, the then little-known Ted Knight and Frank Gorshin made appearances. Notable guest stars included Lee MarvinRobert DuvallJames CoburnDwayne HickmanTelly Savalas,Luise RainerCharles BronsonRichard BasehartEddie AlbertJames CaanJeffrey HunterLeonard NimoyFrankie AvalonSal MineoBrandon De WildeTab HunterBeau BridgesJohn CassavetesRoddy McDowellMickey RooneyJames WhitmoreDennis HopperTom SkerrittHarry Dean StantonKeenan WynnRichard JaeckelFernando LamasRicardo MontalbanClaude AkinsWarren OatesNick AdamsJoan Hackett, Jack Lord and Dean Stockwell.

10.000+ views Easter Dawn photo picked for Flickr Explore

my Easter Sunday dawn photo of Georgian Bay posted on flickr was picked for their Explore page and received over 10,000 views in a little over one day.





Smooth rubella april 2014n, I wore my dollar store Easter Bunny ears and delivered some tiny solid milk chocolate eggs for the nurses and the patients. I hopped to the weigh in but lost no weight doing so.  Happy Easter to all.

Bella, one of our five formerly feral kittens, looking extra sly.  This Spring she has grown even closer to me.  Many nights she sleeps through the night on the corner of my bed.  When I wake up at 5:30 AM I take a few minutes to pat her and listen to her purr.  Then I get ready to go out on my dialysis days for my four hours of treatment four days each week.

She along with her sisters will turn 8 this year. This winter for some reason she has become even closer to me often sleeping through the night on the corner of the bed. This Spring when I wake up around 530am I spend a few minutes pattingher and listening to her purr. Then i get ready for my early morning start to four hours of dialysis four days each week.

She along with her sisters will turn 8 this year. This winter for some reason she has become even closer to me often sleeping through the night on the corner of the bed. This Spring when I wake up around 530am I spend a few minutes pattingher and listening to her purr. Then i get ready for my early morning start to four hours of dialysis four days each week.


dialysis bumps

nothing too terrible just small scale PITA

  • Thursday morning is my fourth day
  • the waiting room boys, all men older than me, have decided they want to sit in the dark in the waiting room
  • my take on this question is that the room is a waiting room in a hospital not a cave
  • at the end of the run I spoke with the charge nurse and said I was unwilling to sit in the dark next week and did not want to start a gang fight, she said she would handle it
  • for some reason I did not get called in fourth but as the last dialysis patient
  • I was told to wait and wait I did
  • my nurse finally came looking for me and was a bit surprised to find me out in the waiting room cooling my heels

What is interesting to me is the amount of lurking rage that lies just below the surface of dialysis patients, male and female both, that comes out in a flash with a scratch of irritation.

I have heard some scathing remarks out in the waiting room.  Once a nurse is around to hear, the tone jumps to sweetness and light.  The motto is “don’t piss off the nurses.”

A shame we fall into that pattern.

surprise April snowstorm photos

April 15th 2014 100 miles north of Toronto on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, camera Fujifilm S8200, the temperature dropped 20 degrees Celsius from the previous day.

netbook stumble

My little red netbook, Aspire One from Acer, running XP has been sitting on a shelf.  I fired it up today to attempt to install a flavour of Linux on it.  Stumbled.  I closed the lid to put it in standby and bang the screen stayed black after I reopened the lid.  I had got it going and opened a Word doc and even connected it to my new wifi network in the house.  Funky.  Hmmmm.