First attempt

Interesting moment. A phone call tonight for a kidney. Had to say no thanks. I am under the weather and I face anti-rejection medication immediately which further lowers my immune system. I want to be well going in. I want the best chance. Interesting moment. Afterwards I thought of two people: the person who died and the next person in line to have the offer of a kidney. My time will come.

out for coffee


365 project. My friend, Jamie Hunter  picked me up for coffee this morning. On the way home errands included a visit to the LCBO for vodka and single malt scotch for him. Also three fuel tank refills at the gas station for his 20′ boat. A much cooler day today after our blast of heat this past weekend. Seems Canada Day will also be cool. A nice outing for me. When we got back, Bella the cat uncharacteristically came out to greet Hunter. She got patted for her trouble since he is a great cat man. His guy Dave is a Burmese with allergy troubles. He is a stuffed up old man cat. Bella fortunately is healthy as a horse.

I am conscious of how few people appear in my photos recently. So I am making an effort to change my shooting.

Thursday thoughts


Happened to watch on Youtube a CBS doc on Robert Kennedy narrated by Walter Cronkite. He spoke of the people who loved RFK and those who thought him ruthless. If you think of Kennedy and then open your eyes and see Donald Trump. It makes you ill. After RFK assassination, President Johnson called for a panel “to look into the violent fabric of America”.

Pencil Sketch

This evening out in the boathouse, I made a sketch of a great Canadian, Lord Strathcona, he of the CPR.

27766104172_d666771f8b_z (1)




The surprise of the week, a photo of Grace got spotlighted over on and has gained over 9000 views in 24 hours.

Grace on her 7th birthday


No word on the kidney transplant front.



June 17, 2016

You know things are good. Recovery from open heart surgery good. I am working off walker back to cane. Dialysis is stable and has been for awhile. One good eye is fine, good enough to drive the car. Loss of depth of field with just one eye makes drive thru at Tim Horton’s a little more challenging. I have to pay more attention stoping and going in line.

As for kidney transplant, around 95% survival rate after six years after receiving a non-living donor’s kidney in a transplant. My next adventure is the transplant.

Ilive in intersting times. Thursday was a good day. ….I watched some Canada geese paddling around in front of our cottage in the beautiful, blue waters of Georgian Bay. I am very fortunate.