Sunday, a few notes

Watched The Rewrite with Hugh Grant, great comedy.  Finished watching The Baker with Damian Lewis, a second great comedy. Both on

Diagnostic news: angiogram last week showed new lesion, 90-95 blocked artery. Therefore now triple not double bypass along with aortic valve replacement. No surgery date set.

Dialysis last week was smooth.

Will and 2 POAs: Saw a lawyer to make up a will and 2 power of attorneys. Long overdue.

My Funky Hands: I have lost some flexibility and dexterity in both hands. Handlin a computer mouse and handwriting with a pen more difficult, but I can still manage both in an awkward fashion. A bit tiring.  My novel now looking more likely to be a novella, sliding down to a short story.  Perhaps a haiku.

Local weather went from sickly and steaming, to a little cooler and wonderful. I love looking at the green trees.

Began reading a bio of James Dickey and his collected poems.  Writer Pat Conroy, a student of Dickey, said that Dickey made Hemingway seem in comparison like a florist from the mid-west.  You might remember him as the author of the novel, Deliverance. The movie with Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds. Dickey played a small part in the movie, a small town, menacing sheriff.