Barrie, Ontario – waterfront park

Took a walk and some photographs on Saturday at a waterfront park in Barrie, Ontario, with  my photographic buddy, Len Marriott. Len was using an old medium format film camera, a Mamiya RB67 with an 80mm lens.  The large metal sculpture is the Spiritcatcher.

Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm lens, some images manipulated for a kind of watercolour effect using Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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Jesuit cell – desk and chair – Ste Marie among the Hurons 068

Jesuit cell – desk and chair – Ste Marie among the Hurons 068

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it is interesting to imagine sitting at this spot in 1640s a long way from home in France, working to convert the Hurons to Catholicism

Ste. Marie Among the Hurons is the reconstruction of the 1640s era central mission to the Hurons (Wendat) in central Ontario.

Located just east of Midland, Ontario.

I have visited many times over the years. Not many chances to step back in history.

Churchill Tank WW II heavy tank

Churchill Tank WW II heavy tank

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Today I revisited the museum at Canadian Forces Base Borden, west of Barrie, Ontario, Canada…..part of my remembrance of those who gave their lives.

across to Port McNicholl

across to Port McNichol

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the old grain elevators at Port as seen from the Albert St. dock in Victoria Harbour, Ontario taken around noon on November 8, 2006. (Nikon 5700 camera zoomed out to 280mm equivalent – so you can see it is a fair way across to Port).
clarify function in PSP 9 used to manipulate brightness and contrast

there is talk of a major real estate development over at Port

there used to be major gardens and major dock there for Great Lakes passenger ships, the grain ships came down from Thunder Bay (Port Arthur and Fort William in those days) up at the top of Lake Superior.

Bear at 90kph

it has been a long time since I saw a bear in the wild….42 years I think.

that was at the garbage dump in Jasper Park in Alberta and the family were probably too close to a mother bear and two cubs but she was kind to us that day

back on Tuesday as I was driving on Hwy 11 just south of Bracebridge (four lane separted highway, fairly built out in patches along the way, not solid bush), up popped a full grown black bear who wanted to cross…..he/she came about halfway into the slow lane way too close to my car…there was no traffic around me, so I swerved to the fast lane, I would not have been able to brake in time…..meanwhile (in less than two seconds) the bear decided to turn around and drop down back into the tall grass of the ditch…..the tree line was another 100 yards back from the highway….a few minutes later in Bracebridge it took an extra minute to unwrap my fingers from the steering wheel.

Little Lake Park – Midland, Ontario, Canada

Little Lake Park – Midland, Ontario, Canada

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right in the middle of Midland, beautiful old park, also has the local YMCA, Huronia Museum, double arena North Simcoe District Recreation Centre, skateboard park, softball diamond…..and an native burial ground….who could ask for anything more.

one problem, too many geese and therefore geese droppings

old mill wooden teeth on large gear

old mill wooden teeth on large gear

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great subject at a local historic site, river mill. I spent about an hour shooting with various cameras, too many possibles, but a lot of fun.

Coldwater Mill, Coldwater Ontario, Canada  – dates back to 1835 if my memory serves me correctly.

detail of triple expansion steam engine

detail of triple expansion steam engine

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I took this photo at a Muskoka lake town museum about holiday boats going back to 1900. It is one of my favourite photographs of machinery.  Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada, Grace and Speed Museum.