photos of National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton, Emmitsburg, Maryland, USA


My photos from a 2003 trip, some shots made with digital camera, Canon G2 and Nikon Coolpix 5700; others with 1950 era medium format camera, 6×9 cm Agfa Record Billy III with Apotar 105mm f4.5 lens using Kodak 400 VC 120 film – extra ordinarily beautiful church.

Ireland – Cistercian Abbey 1996

Ireland Cistercian Abbey 4 bw

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colour print scanned and converted to BW, original taken with a Pentax PZ-1 with a Pentax FA 28-80 zoom lens

I have forgotten the town name, but it was about two thirds of the way across from Dublin to Sligo

this photo recently got a little extra attention on flickr and it is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Ireland, and so I blogged it.

old and new

old and new

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Staining the cottage. it needs it badly. the first time i did this i was 18 years old and it was a three stage process. 1. shellac the knot holes to seal them. 2. brush on wood preservative chemical, pentox (nice name, eh?). 3. brush on Rez stain. 14 foot high peaks on three sides, it is an L shaped building up on a cement block foundation built in 1969.

Fumes from the stain mean the windows have to stay closed, which is a bit of a problem with the hot weather this week. The new coat of stain looks goooooood.

door latch 1640s reconstruction

door latch

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Ste. Marie Among the Hurons is a reconstruction of the 1640s fortified French mission located just east of Midland, Ontario. The reconstruction was undertaken in 1967. The original buildings were burned to the ground during the Iroquois campaign against the Huron in 1649.

This photo is of a door in the French compound. The French had a blacksmith’s forge at Ste. Marie.