rejoining the fleet

Colonial Viper - Konami
Colonial Viper – Konami (Photo credit: Thorsten Becker)

I recently purchased the reimagined Battlestar Galactica season 1.  I have rejoined the fleet, my Viper was almost out of fuel, but I made it back.  Looking forward to playing cards with KARA THRACE aka call sign “starbuck”.  I know I can beat her this time, I just have to watch how much I drink.

Seriously, though, folks, this must be in the top five best tv shows of all time.  The characters are compelling, the plots fiendishly twisty and turny, the questions of a political and social nature, how to deal with terrorists and the nature of the enemy, those alone, are examined in the most entertaining and enlightening way.  This show makes you think.

Bush reads Camus

There are news reports that President Bush is reading The Stranger by Albert Camus while on his brief vacation at his ranch near Crawford, Texas. It is a great book and I applaud the President for curling up with such a fine piece of literature while on holiday.

If he has time, which is doubtful, The Fall, is worth reading, very much so, also by Albert C.

A sign of the end of the world

I was looking through the June 2006 issue of Vanity Fair and noticed a photo in the article on Dubai by Nick Tosches.

It showed racing camels training by swimming in a long narrow swimming pool. My brain is still locked up in the attempt to absorb the multiple ironies in this image.

10 things I think about life

1. I think life is a gift.
2. I think Life used to be a great magazine.
3. I think life is not a rehearsal, but I don’t seem to be getting my script pages early enough in advance.
4. I think life is God’s way of saying that beauty costs.
5. I think that my dog is in Heaven and there is an infinite number of sticks ready and waiting for when I join her.
6. I think that I would change a ton of things if I had a chance to relive my life, depending on the tax implications.
7. I think that thinking is over-rated and living on reflex is a way that I will never understand or practice.
8. I think that life is comedy with some sad bits thrown in when you least expect them.
9. I think life is never quite as long nor as good as we think it should be.
10. I think life is a very long walk in paradise.