This blogging thing is curious and intriguing and I know not what else.  I have not received many comments recently and only a few ever.  Still I am hoping that someone is reading this scribbling.  I hope I am not just on page ten of a search hit list.

For some reason a l0t of people search Rotring fountain pens and Pentax Spotmatic cameras, my blogs on these draw a lot of hits.

It is so easy to blog that I have almost entirely abandoned my website http://www.bluetyger.ca (now gone to web heaven).

I do try and eliminate my typos but I don’t catch them all and sorry for that, but I am trying.

It is calming to let out my musings and rants, helps clean my blood along with my dialysis.

About content: it seems to me the litmus test is simple. If something develops in scribbling form that I would share with a friend over coffee, it goes up on this blog.  I don’t post stuff I have strained to come up with. The times you feel like you should post something, almost anything will do, try to let those efforts pass unposted.  Do write what you would want your Mom to read. Always discuss borderline content with your cat.

Facts are best, but your opinion is worth adding. Carefully considered opinions in the main. Who you are, what you think, how you feel about the subject will soak through your writing.  You don’t want to out-Swiss the Swiss.

Do persist, keep going with it, and have fun with your blog.  Variety is a good thing in breakfast cereals, tropical fish, and blogging. Do keep an open, flexible, curious noggin.


6 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. Very interesting blog, William. I too just started blogging at the age of 59, after writing most of my life. Today I still write with a Pelikan pen in a nice notebook and could be accused of being a fanatic about it. I have an old Spotmatic, circa 1965, which is only my second one, which I think speaks volumes about their quality and reliability.
    I know Victoria Harbour well. I lived in Barrie for 20+ years, and two years ago moved out to BC to milder winters and spectacular scenery.
    I’ve noticed that I get no comments either. I realised there’s not much I can do about it so I keep writing anyway.
    Have a good one!

    1. I am reading a number of blogs from patients on dialysis. I find them interesting, moving, telling. I am learning much about the health care system through this ‘blog reading’, and much about human nature also. Thanks for writing.

  2. Dear Mr. Gibson,
    It’s not just your dialysis posts that are interesting – although they are. Your Website is one of the best I’ve seen – an excellent reflection of your many interests – photography, writing, musing. I’ll be returning to it regularly..

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