Winter wonder this morning

For no special reason I headed out in the Camry and not far from home managed to find a snowbank, flat light and fresh snow, road and snowbank indistinguishable visually, then found my front tires soft. Had some help from a kind neighbour. No luck getting unstuck. I ended up calling CAA, they came in 20 minutes. He pulled me free and put air in the tires Still a warning light from VSC system, traction control, so the Camry gets dropped at Toyota in Midland first thing Monday morning. That will be on the way to dialysis before 7 am. The rear tires may just be frozen up with winter gunk. We park it outside. May turn out that Toyota just lets it sit in the heated garage and melt clean.

Wondering if I should have gone for 4WD instead of the used Camry.

I don’t feel too bad about snowbanking the car.  Someone crossed all the way to the left and ended up in the snow filled ditch on the forest side of our road just up from our driveway.  The undifferentiated whiteness did him in, too.