what’s it blog about

I recently stopped blogging on a volunteer basis for a local non-profi organization after 12 months of blog effort.  The organization didn’t seem  to realize the low cost (zero dollars) and net gain (more net exposure to features and events of the organization to prospective paying visitors to the place) but instead continued to give me the impression that my seeking information for the blog was an irritant to them. I kept dropping by every week or so to gathee information and always left feeling frustrated and like a PITA to them. Finally one day as I drove away it dawned on me that it would be much better for them and for me if I stopped. So after some 80 posts and about 12 static pages resulting in over 5,000 visits over 12 months, I have finished my blogging efforts for them. They may let it slowly settle under the web’s dust or may try to keep on posting.  It was a noble experiment, but I have finished my part. I learned how to post text and photos. Linked photos across from flickr. I took a short bit of video, posted that on youtube and linked it across to the blog. Trying to use the easily available new technology and the web capabilities to give them a competive advantage. Maybe one day they will come to realize that the time they “wasted” on feeding information to their volunteer was not wasted.