great tv Jack Irish

I stumbled across this Australian production starring Guy  Pearce.

Thais rhriller detective story is terrific. It moves from the comic ( the lads at the bar ) to the romantic to the tragic and the frightening suspense effortlessly. it is a terrific piece of entertainment.

The source is the novels by Peter Temple. Pearce is terrific. Marta Dusseldorp is wonderful. Every character seems rounded, well played and helps move along the plot well and truly.

Highly recommended.


Justified is quite a ride

I mistakenly purchased season 2 of Justified, I will have to reset my brain and go back for season 1, but this series is stark, entertaining and quite unlike anything I have seen before.  Timothy Olyphant ( he formerly of Deadwood) is the lead, US Marshal Raylan Givens in the world of today, the world being his old home zone of Harlan County.  Bad people are there.  Margo Martindale plays the matriarch of a crime family who will I am certain be popping up in my nightmares for years to come. Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, reforming criminal (or is he really just returning to form), is a wonder and I hope to keep on the track of following his work for years.

Graham Yost (son of Elwy, if you live in Ontario you know who I mean)  is the brains behind this TV work.

Elmore Leonard (Get Shorty and so many more like Valdez is Coming and Cat Chaser) created the characters.

A Dutch Leonard quote: “If work was a good thing, the rich would have it all and not let you do it.”

Bagger and Mrs. Bagger

an old friend turned  up in a un unlikely place last night, on Disaster DIY on HGTV. …seems Paul, aka the Brown Bagger had managed to demolish his home’s master bedroom and his wife, Mrs. Bagger, Tamara, called the show to help him fix it right.  I was amused to see he has gotten a little pudgey with time

they made a point of saying he was scared of the unknown — I had trouble putting that together with all the travelling Bagger has done including turning 18 in Baghdad, several trips to India and at least one to China — the room turned out swell and the Mrs. was very pleased as was he.