i guess I was overdue with all my balance questions. I fell on the back deck a short time ago. I had been out awhile and was coming in when Louise the cat slipped out. I set aside my walker and chased the cat with a broom. I totally lost my balance and went down. Tried to grab an old wooden table out there. Missed it, banged my knee. Got things sorted out. Knocked my left knee, scraped it. But no breaks. A small scrape of my left elbow. Did not smack my head good thing. It is a disadvantage being six feet two inches tall. Farther to fall and land.
At first we thought the cat had scooted. Normally she is allowed just on the deck. No sign of her. Two neighbours helped look. Turned out somehow she scurried in just before I fell.

After all Louise is a black cat.
So triumphs all around.
Lucky me.