Tornado near Midland, Ontario?

Reports are sketchy, storm hit hard at Perkinsfield and then Midland, a report that Walmart and Kelsey’s Restaurant about a thousand yards apart were heavily damaged.  Mayor of Midland has declared a local state of emergency.  I tried to get into Midland this evening not realizing the severity of the storm. It was quick and sharp and windy in Victoria Harbour and lots of rain but nothing out of the summer range of thunderstorms.  Hwy 12 was closed east of Midland.  I hope no one was hurt.

Not sure if my normal highway route to dialysis, I go first thing Thursday morning, will be clear.  So I will get up early and assume that I will have to take some time eating detours to swing south and west to reach Penetang from the far side to get to the clinic in the Penetang Hospital.