pens – Parker and Cross

close up of red Parker T-Ball Jotter ball point pen and Cross Ball Point Pen

The future of handwriting is in question these days.  With some schools embracing computers, penmanship has disappeared from the curriculum.  I learned a long time ago with a cheap Sheaffer cartridge fed, plastic barreled fountain pen.  A “nice” pen set used to be a standard graduation gift.  For a time it was a fountain pen, then a fountain and ball point pen pair, then came ball point and pencil sets.  Roller balls came next and other developments.  Then the tidal wave of computers and now tablets.

I like pens, and I like writing by hand.  Depending on my mood, I may want a blue ink ball point or perhaps the hard decisiveness of a medium nib black rollerball.  With my eyesight going funky, I don’t often use a pencil anymore.  I also have to watch when I am picking which pen to bring to dialysis.  I don’t want something that is hard to uncap with just one hand.  With my fistula in my left forearm, my left arm is busy and unavailable for four and a half hours three afternoons each week.

I have too many pens, I like buying pens and using them. I will never run out of pens Here are some of my finer pens:

Top photo:my T-ball Jotters from Parker Pens (design came out in 1954)

Bottom photo: my Cross ball point pens

photos made with Sony H50