Some 12 weeks since open heart surgery, recovery perhaps slower than anticipated.

Weather this year heading into winter has been mild and snowless. Making my moving around with my walker very easy. Most winters snow comes by early November and stays until April.  The forecast is for a green Christmas. When I lived in Toromto, we often had those.

I am positively svelte. I had set a weight loss target of 100 kilograms for Christmas. I met that ten days  ago. Yesterday at dialysis I weighed out at 99.0 kilograms. That is about 217 lbs.  When I was in university I ran around at 235 lbs,

Following open heart surgery I am up and down like a roller coaster, hopeful and depressed. I try to grit my teeth and carry on moving forward. Bailing the boat as I take a break from rowing.

I am still getting used to being used to being blind from glaucoma in my right eye. Losing depth perception is an every day tricky. Going to pick up full drinking glasses is more of an a adventure.

I am trying to use my tiny social network to fight the big black dog, depression. I have been using the telephone for conversations.  Three visitors have called for face to face chin wags.  It helps.

Big change this week: reduction in number of treatments per week. Clearances have improved.  So no more four treatments of four hours. Now just Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This is huge.  It used to feel like with four treatments that all I did was go to dialysis.

Transplant list prep will continue.  Possible kidney transplant next summer.





Failed raid on Orillia

Fairly wretched celebratory lunch at Montana’s. The designer obviously can see in the dark. Reading the menu was toug. I grew tired of trying to discern my plate. If you go there bring a flashlight or a higway flare.

We skipped our other plans. Felt more  like a defeat than a celebration.

Still bad days can accompany good days. Strength wells up and sits right down again. Sliding forward, like wiggling my bum to get in and out of the car seat. Looking for a small beauty under my nose. Soon I will be back facing a purposeless stay on the green side.

“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, dreaming of home.”  William Faulkner, frpm I think Absalom, Absalom.

Auden won our word tennis match, five hours to one.

The new Man from U.N.C.L.E. Is a terrible movie, Guy Ritchie is a zero.

Sunday recovery notes

The bedroom closet got culled. Removed clothing will go to Salvation Army. Walking with the walker is good. Feeling stronger. My upper chest still sore. Very pleasing to have two days without clambering into the back of a car.

One bonus from the  closet cull, finding the second smart key missed for months. Welcome back. Grace was no help, but sat on my bed.