Dialysis today

Hemodialysis today my third day in a row, smooth run, with a question about a schedule change.  I am currently going Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four hours per day starting at 715 am. Then a “4th” run on Tuesday afternoon.

The proposed change was to help out with another patient who is cutting back to one dialysis run per week and fits the schedule better on Tuesday afternoons.   So question was could I manage a change to Thursday afternoons.  I said I could do that but that I wanted an answer to one question.

“Who do I have to kill to do just one run a week?”

One of the dialysis nurses replied, “It’s just money, Bill. We just want money.”

Google trick for the day,  I looked up Old Tom Parr, who reputedly lived to the age of 152 in England.  i found a description of him in Pete Brown‘s book, Shakespeare’s Pub.

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Tom_Parr

It’s a beautiful day.  We have had a long stretch of sunless days. so the sun is a happy visitor today.  Time to take a shot of the Bay.

dialysis note for today

well, it has a been several weeks since I switched to four runs per week, each run takes four hours.  Previously my week was 3 runs of 4.5 hours.  Since my fistula was wrecked in hospital the day after another but still renal failure related surgery, and a chest line or centre line was put in my chest, my clearances were not so great.  I had not been feeling very well until this week and today it is a bit like the clouds parted and the sun returned.

This was odd because the real weather was lousy up here on the south shore of Georgian Bay, not as bad as Barrie to the south but sand trucks were out and people were driving after having taken an extra dose of stupid.

It was also monthly nephrology clinic and I spoke with the doctor and got a few questions answered and that was good.   Now I need to drive to Toronto in the first week of December to talk with transplant team and see what is next, where I am on the donor list and perhaps begin the testing work up for tissue matching.  

Right now, knock wood, I feel better, much better.

One thing on the house front, I have to bar the critters, Grace the golden retriever and the five formerly feral cats from my bedroom.  They messed with my airway last year and I dont need a repeat of that this winter. 


Book recommendation:  Shakespeare’s Pub: A Barstool View of History of London as Seen through the Windows of its Oldest Pub – The George Inn, by Pete Brown