Asahi Pentax S1a with Super Takumar 55mm f2.0 lens

Asahi Pentax S1a with Super Takumar 55mm f2.0 lens

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The S1a is a slightly earlier model to the Spotmatic and has no light meter. The sharpness of the 55mm lens is widely recognized. The Spotmatic and S1a cameras take 35mm film.

If I was travelling to somewhere like Cuba, I would be most likely to haul along this camera and a 28mm lens and five or ten rolls of colour film, then a $1000 digicam.

1960s Pentax Spotmatic – Single Lens Reflex Camera

Pentax Spotmatic

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The simple but elegant design of the Pentax Spotmatic series of film cameras translated into large sales in the 1960s and 70s. The camera is fully manual with a built in light meter. Pentax M42 (screwmount) lenses are still usable with an adapter on Pentax digital slr cameras. The quality of these manual Pentax lenses is superb and is optically the equal of lenses of today.

In 1975, my first SLR camera was a later model, slightly downscale, called the Pentax SP1000. I took a lot of fun photos at university with that camera, football games, pretty pretty girls, and long lost friends.

If I had not fallen victim to all the camera magazine hype about the new and improved, I might have done very well to stick with that camera and add a 28mm and 105mm lens. The 28 for landscape and the 105 for portraits. The 85mm focal length also works well for portraiture. The Super Takumar or SMC 85mm lenses have always been premium and remain relatively pricey.

veterans in an Ontario village

marching from the Legion Branch to the Cenotaph

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veterans from around the area came together for a parade and ceremony at the cenotaph in my village here in central Ontario

about 70 people came to witness the ceremony

this photo was taken by me with an old Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR camera with Super Takumar 105mm f2.8 lens