test today

Had to go to Orillia Hospital for a cardiolite stress test as part of work up for transplant consideration.

With an IV in my right arm I got some cardio sensors and climbed on the treadmill.  Once I got warmed up and they increased treadmill speed, the radio isotope was added via the IV and then to full speed very briefly.   My “training regimen” of extra walking with a dash of hill climbing at the off leash park helped.

Then a couple of glasses of ice water in the cafeteria and a stroll over to nuclear medicine where they took photos to track the isotope.  I have to go back to tomorrow morning for the second set of photos.  And then it is done.

Dialysis – work up for transplant

Don’t worry it isn’t happening anytime soon.  But today was another piece of preparatory work up for a kidney transplant.  It was an electrocardiogram.  I have another piece to go for sometime soon, a radioactive dye stress test.  These will be followed with some kind of interview to be held down in the big smoke, Toronto, or so I assume.  This workup is repeated annually to ensure that when a donor kidney is available and when my name is at the top of the waiting list, I am actually ready and still healthy enough to have the transplant with a good chance of success.   I have been told the waiting time in Ontario for a cadaverous kidney is eight years.