Fleming surprise

imageiSir Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, surprised me. His novel The Spy Who Loved Me is told not from the POV of James Bond but from the point of view of a young woman. And a Canadian woman at that. Bond does not appear for the first quarter of the story. He does arrive in the nick of time to save her but she is plucky, brave and clever. Before you award Fleming a posthumous badge of feminism be advised there are some horrendously misogynistic statements that made me cringe. The story was set in 1961 with President Kennedy in office. JFK helped Fleming immensely by telling the media that he was a fan of the books.Still a suspenseful story. This is a simple story, not a spy story. Really a story about a spy between spy jobs. I know there was a 007 movie with this title. I believe all they used was the title.

This story fired my interest so much that I stayed up till 3:30am to finish it.


Dialysis smooth this week, no word on kidney transplant.