Twilight Photos Tay Township Backroads

Tay Township 100 miles north of Toronto, Sony NEX F3 with Sony 18-55mm lens, edited using Corel Paint Shop Pro X5.

November light fading. temperature -1 degrees Celsius, dusting of snow lingering.

A few of these shots are within yards of a 17th century Huron village site.  It is debated whether it is the site of the martyrdom of St. Jean de Brebeuf, St. Gabriel Lalemant (French Jesuit missionaries) and many Christian Hurons at the hands of the warring Iroquois in 1649.  Whenever I stop and look and photograph these spots, my imagination turns back and I keep one eye out for those Iroquois.  This creek with the still water was most likely the water supply for that village.

Huron pipe – same pipe the other side 1600s

I was lucky enough to get asked to photograph a family farm collection of artifacts from the French contact period with the Hurons, therefore the first half of the 16th century. This was part of about thirty artifacts collected from the mid 1960s to the 1980s.

side view of pipe
Huron pipe one side 1600s

archaeological road trip

tagged along with a small group who know lots more about Huron sites and archaeology than I do.  We were testing a theory that the lot and concession written in a report of work done around 1900 near Orillia was misrecorded.  Perhaps an arabic 5 for a true 8 or the same numbers recorded in error from roman numerals: v and viii.  The accompanying description does not match the lot and concession number but does match a concession three concessions to the east which has the long view of Lake Couchiching mentioned in the description.  This is described as a large village site but no excavation work has ever been done.  It might be Cahiague, the village that Champlain visited when he entered Huronia in 1615. He described it as having 200 long houses.

My job was to take photos to show the discrepancy between location, descrpition and the actual landform and view.  A fun, informative and sunny day.