365 Monday

Recemtly I started a 365 photo project, one photo per day. Today I had to go to the Ambulatory Care Clinic to have my leg ulcer checked. It is healing nicely. These two photos are from the Georgian Bay Hospital in Midland, Ontario.


Health care communication efficiency

an observation –  paper based requisitions are the normal pattern but this past week my dialysis clinic arranged an electrocardiogram, a followup on an odd dialysis run I had recently.  The clinic is at a hospital that is separate physically (one town away) but administratively joined to the lab where the electrocardiogram was to be taken.  I was told Thursday at 11am.  I show up at the hospital main entrance where they do intake for everything, a new efficiency measure put in place about a year ago.

There the chase began.  I had no req in hand. The clinic had told me no problem it is already in the hospital system.  But I was a little blurry and said echo cardiogram or was electro cardiogram.  If echo I was in the wrong place.  And I was told they normally dont give appointment times.  So a call to the local medical centre, a cluster of doctors offices and some labs including ultrasound.  Couldnt get through on the phone.  But a call back to dialysis got the fog cleared.  Down I went to the bowels of the hospital where after the two mile walk, the lab is a long long way at the far end of the building, I got there and took a number and waited.

Once in the lab itself I was told that the staff was not certain if they were supposed to go over to the dialysis clinic and give the electro cardiogram at the dialysis clinic, in the next town or if I was coming in to them.

So another example of crystal clear communication.