RAM Tank – Canadian Cruiser Tank World War II

Ram Tank

When it was decided to build a cruiser tank type, the plan was to base it on the American M3 tank.  The Ram tank had a cast hull and in some variants carried a 75mm gun.   The odd thing is that these tanks never saw combat, but instead were used for training of tank crews in the UK.  At a certain point the Allies decided to put all their production force into the production of M4 Sherman tanks.  There are hints in several articles about the stupidity of American policy makers who left Allied armoured forces with the inferior M4 Sherman and its 75mm gun to face the superior Panther and Tiger Tanks with main gun up to 88mm.  The mismatch resulted in many unnecessary deaths.  The slowness and stupidity of tank development in World War II is astonishing when it is examined in comparison to the speed, ingenuity and results of aircraft development of the same period.

Ram Tank, both photos taken at CFB Borden Military Museum, Angus, Ontario, Canada

Herbert Sulzbach, With the German Guns – 1914-18

I just finished reading a memoir of World War One written by German Lieutenant Herbert Sulzbach, who fought mainly on the Western Front from 1914-18 and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. A German Jew who fled Nazi Germany in 1937 and moved to England. During World War Two he served in the British Army. eventually in the very worthwhile task of interviewing German prisoners of war. He was successful in persuading many rabid Nazis to consider the possibilities of liberal democracy as a substitute for the Nazi Party’s principles. After World War II, he worked to promote a rekindling of friendship between Germany and the UK. His first world war memoirs are a clear window to the feeling of the time.

this translation was printed in 1973.  the copy I read from my local library has an interesting handwritten inscitption on the flyleaf : By all means Read this book, Lest we do forget, LT D. C. Reese, DSC, DSO