Ten years

It hardly seems like 10 years. Ten years blogging with WordPress. Thank you, WordPress. Blogging is quite an adventure. Sometimes you have to ignore the silience and imagine you are talking to an old cat. Dialysis is an adventure. It is going to end soon. Open heart surgery was a helluva an adventure.

Kidney transplant from a stranger will be an adventure.

I am almost paralyzed with fear and joy.

cardio rehab exercise start

This week I was assessed for exercise rehab following my open heart surgery.  Received some helpful notes and started two part routine: aerobic (walking) and muscle resurrection (hand weights).  This morning I used my walker to stroll quickly inside the house.  Fifteen minutes at a quick pace seemed like a small proof  of the Theory of Relativity. The cats were amused. I was a tiny bit winded and my recovery was easy and also quick.DSC04895DSC04897


Outside we received a few inches of snow with high winds during the night.  Georgian Bay is still rolling its waves. Today is bright sun shine and some -10 C.  A perfect Spring day. Laughing hysterically out loud.

Photos of our shore and the boathouse made with Sony Nex F3 and 18-55mm lens.

Sunday, a few notes

Watched The Rewrite with Hugh Grant, great comedy.  Finished watching The Baker with Damian Lewis, a second great comedy. Both on Netflix.ca.

Diagnostic news: angiogram last week showed new lesion, 90-95 blocked artery. Therefore now triple not double bypass along with aortic valve replacement. No surgery date set.

Dialysis last week was smooth.

Will and 2 POAs: Saw a lawyer to make up a will and 2 power of attorneys. Long overdue.

My Funky Hands: I have lost some flexibility and dexterity in both hands. Handlin a computer mouse and handwriting with a pen more difficult, but I can still manage both in an awkward fashion. A bit tiring.  My novel now looking more likely to be a novella, sliding down to a short story.  Perhaps a haiku.

Local weather went from sickly and steaming, to a little cooler and wonderful. I love looking at the green trees.

Began reading a bio of James Dickey and his collected poems.  Writer Pat Conroy, a student of Dickey, said that Dickey made Hemingway seem in comparison like a florist from the mid-west.  You might remember him as the author of the novel, Deliverance. The movie with Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds. Dickey played a small part in the movie, a small town, menacing sheriff.


Well, next week I may hear when I get open heart surgery for a double bypass and to replace my aortic valve.

Seems my leg ulcers are healed enough to go ahead.

Originally my cardiologist wanted me to have the surgery in Janaury but my infected leg ulcers shot down that idea.

I’m keen but I am exhausted. Before January, I often but not always walked with a cane. I have been creeping with a walker for four weeks now.

I had spent quiet time wondering if I would run out of time before my chance for surgery.

I have been praying more and swearing less, but I am mostly exhausted.