new beach park in Victoria Harbour, Ontario

Tay Township put in place this small beach park in downtown Victoria Harbour, next to what was once the covered town dock but which has more recently been assumed by the Federal Govt.

Nice sandy beach, fairly shallow for the kids, lots of sod put in, a gazebo and a few tall shade trees, although a good umbrella might be a wise thing to bring along, remember your sun safety.

Sony H50 shot of the new Gazebo


yesterday’s drive to Sodom on Lake Ontario

I had an appointment at 130pm at St. Michael’s Hospital in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I lived in Toronto for 42 years so I have some experience in driving in its clogged traffic, but I have lived on Georgian Bay for ten years and I am used to the lighter traffic up here.  What’s more Toronto traffic is widely believed to be worse and getting worse each year.

The weather was poor, fog and rain all the way down and most of the way back up.  Around 7 pm I had reached Barrie on the return drive and decided to stop to unwind over a coffee and having finished it I walked out to get back on the 400 north and encountered a sharp drop in temperature and a strong wind.  The day’s drive had been bad with the fog and rain and all the vehicle spray especially the treat of having a tractor trailer pass by at 120km per hour.

The wait was medium for the Ontario health care sytem, 90 minutes.   I was there about the diabetic ulcer slowly healing on the back of my left ankle, my glacially healing heel.  My care at this appointment was from a chiropodist and a student nurse specializing in wound care.  The nurse’s accent place him as originally from eastern Europe.  His English was flawless.  The treatment last about twenty mninutes.  The wound is better.  It will still be several months before new skin forms a complete covering.

I have a return appointment next week at which I will see the plastic surgeon.  At the moment a skin graft does not seem to be in my future.  They seem to want me to heal this on my own.  Which makes sense.  If it takes months to heal the wound, the new wound from the incision to harvest skin for the graft would also take months to heal.

I have been wearing an aircast to off load the left heel.  I find I am tippy with this the air cast.  I wrap a small plastic retail bag around the open toe and tape it to the cast to keop my foot from getting soaked and freezing in the winter weather, both the rain and snow we have had this season.

I am also using a wooden cane with a flip down winter claw foot to snap in place of the rubber tip, for ice and snow and for balance.  Curbs and stairs are more interesting these days.

I walk well on level ground, but on uneven ground or bumpy and patchy snow I do less well. I follow my instructions and shorten my stride and take it slow.

It is hard to judge when this all began for a sore started on my other foot first but healed on its own.  This heel has been almost six months.   Perhaps another two to three months to go to get it well.

last trace of snow – east end of Georgian Bay near my home

looking about due north and up the bay to past Beausoleil Island, which is to the right of frame and some distance along.

This is Robins Point, not for the bird but for a family named Robins.

Sony H50

a bluer view of the East end of Georgian Bay, still with ice

Dialysis run on Friday was smoother. That strange lightheadedness less evident. Today it is “hot” and I sat out on the back deck reading with my shirt off. Ice still in the bay but the sun is nice and warm. Lots of ducks, geese and gulls out and about.

East end of Georgian Bay, still with ice

More sunshine but still not warm. I had a so so day today after dialysis yesterday. When my run was over my blood pressure took a dive. 163 sitting and then 109 standing. I continued to feel a little lightheaded for part of the evening. Not sure what is going on. This lightheadedness continued today. It has been lurking for the past two weeks. My long standing cold has mostly cleared…. cough gone, still blowing my nose. If this lightheaded thing doesn’t go away by Monday I will go see my family fizz. On the plus side my reduced appetite has helped me drop about twenty pounds. I am also managing my fluid intake better. I am seeing veins my lower legs most days. This is a sign that I have no edema, no fluid retention.

As far as the bay in front of my home. I want the ice to go, so Grace can go wading and I can go swimming and kayaking soon.

opening waters – Georgian Bay ice

taken today with Sony H50 zoomed out so I could show the open water on the far side of the bay in front of my home. some water fowl floating in the open bay water.