Skillet day

365 ptoject. I was silly and talked my sister into a mini shopping raid to Midland. Stopped to Midland Cultural Centre to view exhibit at Quest Gallery. Almost became a permanent display. I sat down in an extremely low couch. Had a heckuva time getting out. Renewed my Quest membership.  Got a few things at the Walmart.  Here I am taking a break at Walmart.

DSC05084 dbThe cap I had made up. SMC stands for St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. 1977 is the year I graduated.

I applied a drybrush filter to the photo.

Funny old day

One  of those old chock-full days. Crammed a lot in. Medical appointment then a lunch out treat. I paid the price in the middle of the afternoon when I became seriously fatigued. I would not give in  instead I bulldozed through and found myself needing to lie down in the early evening. This kind of sudden fatigue is really part and parcel of the dialysis experience.

Part of today was helping a friend who is technologically challenged to try out the dictation function for entering text into his laptop computer. Test worked well and he was quite intrigued and I believe he will have some success using this method.


In fact I have used this dictation verbal dictation method to enter most of the text in this post.

getting worse

my hemoglobin issue is making me feel worse…..

it was down to 77 last week and they followed up with two units of blood and that raised it to 94

I believe normal range is more like 115-125

prior to the big dive it was 100-107

two ‘scopes in my near future, blood thinners stopped, GI tract bleding uspected

on the plus side my making of red cells is strong, I just cannot hold on to them, that combo rules out some very nasty possibilities

to be honest I feel like I am in decline heading toward death

I feel like a ghost not a person…tons of fatigue

Laziness and kidney failure

One bonus about kidney failure and hemodialysis is it brings your natural laziness to a new level. A long time ago a professor, Fr. David Belyea, of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, informed me that I was intelligent but lazy. Hard to argue with that. Fatigue, unrelenting fatigue, is the gift of dialysis. Of course, you get to live which is good, but you actually aren’t alive, you are a shadow. You have virtually no energy and damn near zero stamina. A solid, legitimate, certified excuse for laziness.