anti-winter humour photo project on FB

Today in honour of how bleak the grinding, bitter, ferocious winter has made me feel, I fought back with an anti-winter humour photo project on Facebook.  I set up a Facebook page for Grace the golden retriever who lets me stay in her house.


Grace will offer photos and advice on being a dog and being a human.



Taking a FB break

It finally dawned on me that FB was an empty lunch bag. I found myself mostly enjoying cute dog photos or reading various rants by a couple of cranky friends.  One bright light was the former Mr. Sulu, George Takei, who seems to do FB pretty well.

There is a superficial and shallow quality to FB.  The richness of face to face living colour social interaction that FB does not approach.  I need to get out more and participate in three d activities.

A disturbing article today on the loss of cursive writing in elementary school programs. Kids need to be able to keyboard by Grade 4.   I have always tried to work on keeping my handwriting clear and useful, a basic communications tool that I have used daily and all my life.

Kodak Pony 135 camera

Kodak Pony 135   camera uses 35mm film.

  • series of Bakelite bodied small format cameras designed by Arthur H Crapsey
  • in the Kodak lineup between the roll film Brownie and the 35mm Signet series
  • lack rangefinders
  • simple viewfinders
  • glass lenses, the 3 element Anastons and the four element Anastars
  • variable speed, manually cocked Kodak synchronized shutters. Shutter release/film advance interlock (with bypass switch) prevents double exposures.
  • Knobs are used for film advance and rewind.

I bought this used and below are some sample photos from 2005. The miniature mountain lion is the late great Sundance Kid, my small feline zen master buddy. RIP golden guy.

My sister holding miniature mountain lion

lion in sun


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