Poem – You are the Fellini of It

You are the Fellini of It

set me free
set the broken bones in my head
set the cup down
push me up the hill
push the door open
jump in
it is my dream
and you are the Fellini of it

all the women are ugly
the children are hungry
enough to kill for food
there are boys with AK47s
no, they are hockey sticks
no, they are candle sticks
and they are altar boys
and the church is a boat
and the devil is in all the water

the man tells me about his brother
in the hospital unable to breathe
unassisted and I remember
my mother with the oxygen tube
at home with her cat sitting
watching her as she slept
in the middle of the afternoon

I remember when you kissed me
one kiss for a world’s record or
at least my personal best of 31 minutes

that was before we counted up
every lie we had shared and then
the rest we tossed in a one way
short circuit. Wrap that up
for the Christmas tree, OK?

Two excellent movies I just saw

Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, a one woman show about her life. Hilarious and a half.

My Talks with Dean Spalding with Jeremy Northam, Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill, and Bryan Brown, a intriguing story about fathers and sons, man and dog and reincarnation.  I kept turning to look at my dog Grace who was asleep beside me on the couch as I watched this wonderful story.

a most ununusal dream

Had a a most ununusual dream. A small envelope appeared and when I opened it. I found a small sheet of odd black paper. When exposed to the lgiht it turned from black to show handwriting. The writing appeared to be the rough notes of someone doing some kind of research into family background. It said Kathleen NcClure and some dates 1677 – 1707 and the notation “captured by pirates”, and one other note, “took in students.” It seemed to me that this was not the first time that I had received a black note of this type but I dont recall any precise details. It just seemed familiar. I had the feeling that someone who meant me well had sent me the note but once again I have no clear impression of precisely who or why. The name McClure does not figure in my family history – at least not to my knowledge. The handwriting looked a little like an old photostat not a photocopy and the handwriting looked to be old, perhaps 19th century or earlier. Intriguing but not alarming.