stuff and switches

this evening took out the window AIR CONDITIONER  unit in my bedroom since the overnight temp is to fall to -2C this night – it winters on a chair below the window of my bedroom, staring resentfully at me for not moving to Florida full time at some more opportune time during my little expedition through the universe

saw a skunk, a large beautiful one, crossing our road last night — I stopped to let him scamper across to the ditch and disappear into the brush.  excellent thick white striped coat.

saw a couple of moments of hail in yesterday’s cold rain

bought a reflective and high visibility safety vest to share with my sister when we are out walking, Grace, the golden retriever, during the dark dim October and November, seems like the worst time for being visible in the whole year.  I was nearly run over in broad daylight during the summer.   Glad I finally got around to buying this safety device.

watched the Werner Herzog film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, about the 30,000 year old cave paintings found a few years back in the south of France, very limited access to help preserve the cave art, but still a beautiful film. Chauvet Cave is remarkable.

watching ABC prime time series Last Resort the new TV drama and liking it.

Monday and Tuesday some cardiac testing to help determine if I am viable for kidney transplant….necessitated some dialysis schedule switching…. no D today, but D on the ealry morning shift tomorrow….should be interesting getting up that early for Dialysis.