Blackberry tablet camera shots

RIM Blackberry tablet camera shots – watercolour effect-ed by uing the app Pencil Camera

my view of the dialysis clinic during my dialysis treatment and a late night kitchen self-portrait- I was in the kitchen for the strong overhead lighting, not for a midnight snack

a few thoughts on tablets

What devices are in my current stable?

  • Acer 17 inch laptop with a dead screen that is connected to an 18 inch external monitor, Windows Vista.
  • A 15.6 inch Gateway laptop with a battery that won’t hold a charge, Windows 7.
  • An iPod Touch 8gb several years old, battery seems to drain much more quickly these days.
  • An Acer Aspire One netbook running Windows XP holds its charge for 2.25 hours.
  • Sony ereader, a Christmas gift on which I grab ebooks from my public library
  • sitting on the shelf a ten year old Apple iBook that never gave me much trouble but got outpaced by tech advances. Then when I bought a new laptop I decided Apple was too pricey.

I have iTunes on my laptop and iPod w films, tv series, books, music and podcasts.

Like: tablet fast start and battery charge length, portability, 7inch screen, gestures and touch screen, built in camera
Dislike: tablet screen keyboard
Not sure: why do tablets have such little storage, my netbook has 240 gb, my tablet just 16 gb

…..written on my Playbook tablet, edited further on my laptop, no bullet list function in the app for Word Press on the Playbook.

cropped area of Playbook camera made photo of Cadbury the cat

RIM Blackberry Playbook, why I chose it over an IPAD2 from Apple

  • RIM is a Canadian company and I am a Canadian
  • I believe RIM will resurge in the market
  • Apple seems to be too big in the tablet market
  • When Steve Jobs resumed control of the company he eliminated all of Apple’s charitable donations
  • worker abuse by suppliers to Apple, see NY Times article of Feb. 5 2012