gone skating 6×9 photo image

Frozen harbour at Midland, Ont. from a few years back. In the background ice fishing huts. Pure winter at its best.

camerosity stuff of the tech kind: If memory serves, this is a scan from a negative.  the negative was 6x9cm frame from the 120 film camera:  Agfa Billy Record III, a folding camera with an uncoupled rangefinder and a 105mm “normal lens“.  You must set everything on this camera.  Look through the uncoupled rangefinder and determine distance, set it on the lens. Set the aperture.  Set the shutter speed.  Having determined exposure either by sunny 16 rule or with a handheld exposure meter.  Oh and you have to cock the shutter.  Film advance is by a dial on the top, you peer through a red window in the camera back to see the film number which tips you off to stop turning.

Seems like I cropped the image some.  I bought mine refurbished.  I hope to get it out this year and run some film through it. It folds up to a very compact size.


6cmX9cm negative folding camera Agfa Record III Billy

I bought this refurbished old 120 roll camera back just after 2001f o $250.

It is an ideal folding travel camera and fits in a jacket pocket easily when all buttoned up.

Sample photograph

National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton – Basilica

Agfa Record Billy III with Apotar 105mm f4.5 lens using Kodak 400 VC 120 film – just refound these misplaced negatives from a trip made in 2003.


National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton - Basilica