facebook, my experiment

I was curious about facebook and decided to open up an account and see what all the fuss is about. Heard a CBC radio report about it and thought I would try a little experiment.

First hurdle to get over: of the email systems that facebook supports to help you quickly import contacts and find friends, my primary email account is based in an email system they don’t support. Workaround: I opened up a new hotmail account, imported contacts to it, then used it in facebook to select contacts to invite as friends.

Second and third hurdles: networks – neither my high school or college were listed….I found out how to request that they be added to the list of high schools and colleges. When you do this you can check a box and get an email notice when the requested is acted upon. No emails yet.

Things I like: oddly enough I like “the wall” and the overall look and feel of the interface.

I guess I have been “on” about four times in the past few days since I started my account. I learn something each time.