Bob Schieffer’s book

Just finished reading “This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You On TV” by CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer (published in 2003). What a great book. He explains a lot about American news television reporting and its evolution and a lot about American politics. Read this book and learn and laugh and appreciate a hard working reporter.

He explains things like the technical struggle pre-video tape and electronic linkage that we take for granted today in the 24 hour news world.  I wished he had written more about his time in Buenos Aires covering the Falklands War. What he does share suprised me and gave me a new if somewhat surreal view of that war.

His chapter on the coverage of the 9/11 attack is very moving.

I confess I stayed up last night and raced to the end, could not put down the book, such a well-written piece of work. Actually as you read it you just accelerate to run with the story, and begin to take the writing for granted, which I imagine would please Schieffer.