Smoothing it down – a poem

I thought of writing the Dremel Tool people,
another use for their fine little power tool,
the evening I used the grinding wheel attachment
to smooth down the hand grips of the wheels
of my mother’s wheel chair.
Dings and bumps from door frames
and the metal edges of her bed frame.

She sat in the chair.
We watched the sparks fly.
I tested it by running my hand
along the grips. Finding the rough spots.

She let me work around the whole circle
of the grip, then she tested it.

“It’s still rough here.”
I let my fingers follow hers.
The paper-like skin,
the flesh receded,
knuckles, tendons, bones.

(an old poem of mine that I decided to post here, it is also part of my April 2007 issue of bluetyger magazine, which can be found at

veterans in an Ontario village

marching from the Legion Branch to the Cenotaph

Originally uploaded by canuckshutterer.

veterans from around the area came together for a parade and ceremony at the cenotaph in my village here in central Ontario

about 70 people came to witness the ceremony

this photo was taken by me with an old Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR camera with Super Takumar 105mm f2.8 lens