Alburnum Press

A very small literary press specializing in poetry chapbooks, based in central (Victoria Harbour) and northern (North Bay) Ontario. In 2011, Alburnum began preparing ebooks in .pdf format beginning with a selection of photographs entitled  A Third Glance.

Alburnum Press is one of those ideas that was hatched over a couple of beers back in the early 1990s.  Behind the beers were William J. Gibson (poet, technical writer) and Denis Stokes (poet, high school and college teacher of English, Creative Writing, and Religious Studies) who first met at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto in the 1970s.

May 1998 Book launch in North Bay of Alburnum Press’s Three Chapbooks: Canoe Poems (Denis Stokes, Laurie Kruk, Ian McCulloch and William Gibson, Balsam to Ease All Pain ( Ian McCulloch), Grosse Ile and Other Poems (William Gibson).

There has been a lull in publishing for Alburnum during the ’00s.  Publications will begin coming out later this year and continue to appear in 2011.

Some titles:

Plover, Denis Stokes

Homage Songs by Denis Stokes 1998

Dublin in the Sunshine: An Ireland Notebook by Denis Stokes  (1999)

Peace comes dropping Slow by Denis Stokes (2008)

With Adam, Gathering, Denis Stokes

Holding Glass, Anne Langford, 2001

Gros Ile and Other Poems, William J. Gibson,  (Alburnum Press 1998)

The Black Cat Walks Down,  William J. Gibson, (Alburnum Press 1996)

Texas Cantos, by William J. Gibson(Alburnum Press, 1998)

A Third Glance – Photographs by William J. Gibson (Alburnum Press ebook 2011) a-third-glance-photographs-by-william-j gibson 2011


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