The header photo above this text is my photo of Hogg Bay on Georgian Bay west of Victoria Harbour.  Georgian Bay is the east end of Lake Huron in central Ontario. About 100 miles north of Toronto.

What is this blog about you ask?

There are a lot of posts about dialysis, photography, and poetry, and then other subjects. Eclectic and often whimsical is accurate.  This blog is not too too serious.  There is a wide range of notions considered generally in a  bemused way.  A long time ago someone labelled me an opti-cynic.  I was cynical but also optimistic.  I think that is still true.

I am not sure where this is going. That may be a good thing.

There is a saying that writing is practice for later writing. If blogging is a form of writing or pre-writing, then maybe blogging is a later form of scribbling. Scribbling being something you put down on a napkin because the fact that it is a napkin reduces the anxiety of writing down something really, really dumb.

I am not sure what the photographic equivalent of scribbling on a napkin is, unless it is blazing away with a digicam. Maybe not.

The photographs and writing on this blog are copyrighted to William J. Gibson. They are posted here for amusement, bemusement, and seamusemint.

I cross link photos from flickr.com where I have an account.

For some 25 years I earned a living as a general technical writer, so I know my way around the MS Office Suite in depth and have accumulated spiritual and mental scar tissue in a variety of writing and editing situations.

I read too many books and I prefer watching old movies.

On September 13, 2016 I received a kidney transplant. Ended 7.8 yuears of hemodialysis. I am extremely blessed.

Be safe, be well.

William J. Gibson
Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Don’t get up. I stumbled in while googling poor Pete Dexter’s ass, looked around and liked what you’d done with the place. I’ve bookmarked your place (ashes over the entry) and will come back “when you’re decent,” as they say.

    I’ll bring a bottle of something.

    You write well.

  2. My center here in Newport News is great. I go to DaVita, the nurses, technicians, social worker, dietitian and doctors all work hard to keep us knowledgeable and confident. I love that they teach us and expect us to make informed decisions in our care.

    I told several technicians that I am talking to a dialysis patient in Canada, Keisha says “hi.”

    I hope you find a way to keep busy during your treatments. Sometimes I play cards online, but usually it is a good time to write emails and catch up with friends and family. Of course, there is my new blog. I hope to really generate some public knowledge with it. I am also going to track my fundraising as I attempt to raise 50,000 for the Kidney
    Trust Fund before October

  3. Hello William
    In my mad search to find someone who lives close to me and shoots with the Leica 111f I came across your blog. If possible could you send me your email address, I couldn’t seem to find it on here, but I’m sure it is likely here somewhere………. :-)))

  4. I stumbled across your blog. Recently relocated to Port McNicoll, I have a question of how to find out info on my current home. 528 First Ave., Port McNicoll. I am curious as to whom built it and their occupation. Long story that is still writing it’s self…maybe I can share it one day. If you are able to point me in the right direction to find out this information I would be very grateful. Hope you are feeling better soon despite the cold December weather.

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