Changein dialysis transportation

I think I wrote about acrobatics to get into the back seat of Red Cross volunteer driver cars. My 6 foot 2 inch form does not fit well in back seats. So this week we made a change. It was arranged for me to ride to dialysis on the wheel chair van. Be careful what you ask for. The wheel chair van has a harsh ride. The harshest I have ever experienced. I ride the 20 kilometres clutching my red heart shaped pillow to my healing sternum for some limited comfort. Still avoiding the back seat acrobatics is very helpful.  Last night all the pulling and tugging made for  a very sore chest and shoulders. Sore enough to keep me awake all night lying on my bed. Today is three weeks since my open heart surgery.

This morning started at 6:15 AM waiting in the dark, wind howling, but not raining and not too cold. This afternoon a ride home with sky blue and puffy white clouds, enjoying the Fall foliage, golden leaves.


Author: William J. Gibson

62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged

2 thoughts on “Changein dialysis transportation”

  1. Hi Bill- I can only imagine the challenges (and acrobatics) your body endures as you go through your post surgery recovery, as well as travelling to dialysis!
    You are welcome to be chauffeur driven in the van chariot next door whenever we are up. The middle seat has been taken out. I think you would find the ride comfortable.
    There was a fox going from ours to yours a few weeks ago, mid morning, think he was duck hunting (like so many others).
    Saw a heron flying along the shore a few days ago, think he landed a few down from you.
    The mink continues his/ her fishing, running along the shore.
    Take care, Karen

  2. Thanks for the offer. It has been three weeks since surgery. I only have to avoid airbags for three more weeks, my sternum should be healed. My sis has enjoyed the hiatus from driving me. In three weeks I can switch from van to Red Cross passenger car front seats. Mary saw the fox.

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